TRACES explores the concept of musical inspiration, tracing a line from each piece of music to its source – from spiritual ceremony to narrative tales, and from dance forms to folk music.

NYC Premiere 


Fowler | Soundspace 1
Greenstein | TRACES 1
Monteverdi, Vespers of the Virgin Mary
Marini, Zarabanda Terza
Greenstein | TRACES 2
Marini, Balletto Secondo: Retirata
Pärt, Silouans Song
Corelli, Concerto grosso op.6, no.8 in G minor
Greenstein | TRACES 3
Hindemith, Kammermusik no. 1
Greenstein | TRACES 4
Gluck, Dance of the Furies
Greenstein | TRACES 5
Bartok, Romanian Folk Dances
Nielsen, Aladdin Suite
Greenstein | TRACES 6
Martin, Etudes for String Orchestra
Greenstein | TRACES 7
Copland, Appalachian Spring
Greenstein | TRACES 8
Gorecki, Kleines Requiem für eine Polka
Greenstein | TRACES 9
Haas, Matthew Says
Fowler | Soundspace 2

Traces Live — Album Recently Released

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New York City
March 26 and 27, 2008 at 8 pm
Angel Orensanz Center
172 Norfolk Street

SymphoNYC, Chamber Orchestra
Nurit Pacht, Violin Soloist
Paul Fowler, Live Electronica Artist
Romain Erkiletlian, Video Installation Artist
Paul Haas, Conductor