Paul Haas
Artistic Director
and Conductor

Recent Collaborators

Anne Akiko Meyers, Violin

Nurit Pacht, Violin

Philippe Quint, Violin

Colin Jacobsen, Violin

Paul Fowler, Composer-Performer, Live Electronica Artist

Judd Greenstein, Composer

Joshua Penman, Composer

Grayson Sanders, Composer

Bora Yoon, Composer-Performer

Ruth Pongstaphone, Stage Director

Mason Bates, Composer, Live Electronica Artist

Romain Erkiletlian, Visual Artist

Elliott Forrest, Creative Consultant

Anne Patterson, Installation Artist

Adam Larsen, Projection Artist

Board of Directors

James Bell, Chairman
Managing Director, Investment Banking, Clarkson Capital Markets
Houston, Texas

Andrew Curry
Principal, The Carlyle Group
New York, New York

Ranjeeta McGroarty
Director, SanSail, Inc.
New York, New York

Laurence T. Sorkin
Senior Counsel, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
New York, New York

Advisory Board

Mary H. Barton
Senior Director of Development, Heartland Alliance
Chicago, Illinois

Brian Berkopec
Partner, Openbox
New York, New York

John Corigliano
Composer and winner of an Academy Award, Pulitzer Prize, and Grammy Award
New York, New York

Barry Goldberg
Executive Director, New York Youth Symphony
New York, New York

Robert Griffitts
Partner, Madama Griffitts LLP
New York, New York

Dan Hunt
Research Analyst, RCM
San Francisco, California

Mark O’Connor
Violinist and Composer
New York, New York

Anne Tolpegin
Broadway Actor and Singer
New York, New York