Sympho x Progger

Sympho’s first SymphoLab concert, curated by Sympho’s own Amanda Lo, presented the jazz-funk-rock-pop-electronic-classical ensemble Progger (Brian Donohoe, keyboards and saxophone; Ben Eunson, guitar; Isamu McGregor, keyboards; Johannes Felscher, bass; and Devin Collins, percussion), alongside Sympho’s brilliant string quartet: Amanda Lo and Laura Lutzke, violins; Chern Hwei Fung, viola; and Colin Stokes, ‘cello. Progger draws from rich and varied musical traditions in order to create something entirely new; their members are some of NYC’s finest session musicians, incorporating significant multi-genre experience. The program included original work from Progger, as well as Sympho’s quartet performing Arvo Pärt’s Summa and excerpts from Bach’s Art of Fugue.

SymphoLab is a performance series dedicated to presenting artists and ensembles in more intimate experiences — with, of course, a Sympho twist. Whether an unusual venue, an unexpected context, the premiere of an intriguing new work, or a reimagination of a well-loved piece, SymphoLab performances demonstrate the essence of what makes a Sympho concert unforgettable. If you love Sympho’s radically engaging large-scale programs, a SymphoLab concert is your way to experience our unique offerings on a more regular basis. And who knows? You just might see a mainstage Sympho concert based on a concept you saw first in SymphoLab