"refits the classical experience for a new century" --

Sympho is music for the 21st century, an experience that is at once engaging, immersive, and multisensory.

Sympho interacts and impacts. Sympho leaves people transfixed, thinking, and talking. Sympho brings sight, sound, movement, smell, touch, sharing and all the audience’s senses and thoughts into play as it engages the listener, moving them to experience music in a heightened state.

Sympho’s events range from commissioned evening-length concerts to thought-provoking, multisensory performances of pre-existing classical works. The Sympho experience is ideal for symphony orchestras seeking to expand their content and audience base, and for corporations, venues, and governments wanting to engage their communities in unexpected ways.

"something momentous has occurred" --

"something important was happening, something with emotional stakes" --

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