Sympho’s Tweetheart concert explores the idea of love in its many and varied forms, taking the audience on a musical journey through an entire life of loves: romantic, sexual, spiritual, religious and filial. Tweetheart is eclectic yet organic, connecting music from many different times, places, and cultures.

In a collaborative spirit, Sympho teams up with multimedia dream team Aytia|Matia, as well as a group of stellar instrumentalists and singers, to present the premiere of Tweetheart. Composers Wynne Bennett, Paul Fowler, Paul Haas, and Grayson Sanders join the team to sculpt the flow of the event.

Sympho’s fan base has an active role in programming Tweetheart, having already sent in suggestions for love songs via Facebook and Twitter contests. The winning entries* will be announced and performed at the concert.


New York City
May 22, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.
Church For All Nations
417 West 57th Street

Wynne Bennett | Paul Fowler | Grayson Sanders, Live Electronica Artists
Christina Arethas, soprano
Maria Elena Armijo, mezzo-soprano
Eric Jordan, bass
Benjamin Sloman, tenor
Mark Alan Johnson, video installation
Rachelle Beckerman, lighting design
SymphoNYC, orchestra
Paul Haas, artistic director and conductor