Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and…the Green Lama? The lesser-known, but equally lethal, Green Lama basks in the spotlight in this new Sympho event in June. Last season, Sympho introduced New Yorkers to this Buddhist crusader’s adventures, and the response was uniformly enthusiastic, with salon.com describing the “mixed-media sensory experience” as “…like nothing I’ve seen before and…even border[ing] on the spiritual.”

While “The Green Lama” presented Episode 2 of the Buddhist crusader’s adventures, “KAPOW!” presents the stand-alone Episodes 1 and 3. Seven musicians from Sympho will provide the live, polystylistic soundtrack — both acoustic and electronic, pre-composed and improvised — to projected images from the comic books themselves, while acclaimed actors will bring the words and images to life onstage. Narrated and directed by WQXR’s multifacted Elliott Forrest, “KAPOW!” brings Jethro Dumont’s – er…ahem…the Green Lama’s – crime-fighting escapades to life. Law and Order SVU’s Linus Roache will portray the Green Lama, and longtime Woody Allen collaborator Tony Roberts will play the villain’s role.

As an enticing palette-cleanser between episodes, Sympho will take audience members through a sonic and visual “tour” of selections from the Rubin Museum’s past and current collections, pairing the projected images with a wide variety of improvised and commissioned musical selections. “Electric Sheep” fans will also find an extraordinary work by software artist Scott Draves included in the mix. Join the conversation at #greenlama!

Premieres June 12, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.
Rubin Museum of Art
150 West 17th Street
New York City